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Implement Triporg Technology, offer a great service to your visitors, giving value to your Website / Blog. They will be able to plan their trip through your website, and will always know what to see and what to do in the city.

To include Triporg in your website you will need no more than few minutes. Our marvelous technical team miss always willing to help you with any doubt you may have. Contact us!

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    Planning: fast and easy

    Add Triporg Technology to your Website/Apps. Make Information really Useful to Users.
    Triporg recommends an activity agenda considering:

    • Personal Interest

      Activities are recommended considering the Interest of the User.

    • Updated

      Triporg considers What is offered each day.

    • Opening Hours

      Know opening hours and optimize your agenda.

    • Duration

      Recommends how much time spend on each activity.

    • Distances

      Makes you aware of the time needed to move so you are always on time.

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    More Visibility

    Reach millions of users. Promote your resources:

    • On your Website/Apps

      As usual and also with the benefit of Triporg Technology.

    • On Triporg partner network

      Everyplace that uses Triporg Technology: Hotels, incoming agencies, rent-a-cars...

    • On Apple, Google and Mozilla Marketplaces

      iOS, Android and FirefoxOS Apps that use Triporg Technology will display your resources.

    • On Social Networks

      Users share/comment resources & display them on their timelines.

    • To your potential customer

      Suggests niche activities to clients interested on them.

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    Updated Agenda

    Keep customers informed and up to date. Manage information from a single point so changes are instantly updated in:

    • Your corporate Website/Apps

      Main places where changes are displayed.

    • Triporg Website/Apps

      Triporg will detect every change & will update the information.

    • Partner Websites/Apps

      Triporg partners will display updated info on their Websites/Apps.

    • Social Networks

      Shared activities and resources will also be updated.

    • Special dates

      More visibility for the activities that take place on specific dates.

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    Better SEO

    Outstand your resources on Google Rankings. Your information is relevant.
    Make it easy to find.

    • Better backlinking

      Get more link-ins from external sites.

    • More references

      Your resources appear on more sites.

    • Google Rankings

      Rise your resources to top of the list.

    • Coordinated Presence

      Manage information from a single point and instantly updated everywhere:

    • More Searchable

      Optimize your resources for SEO.

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    Global Statistics

    Know the kind of user is interested on the resources.

    • Get relevant information

      Users grouped by: origin, gender, age, motives…

    • Evaluate the offer

      Know what resources generate demand and interest.

    • Adapt the offer

      Direct your offer and marketing mix to reach your audience.

    • Find new niches

      Identify the most demanded resources and develop new ones.

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