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  • Where does Triporg information come from?

    Triporg gets information from official tourism websites, free sources and from the travelers of our team. Always collecting complete, useful and reliable information.

  • Can I add new content / Points of Interest / Cities?

    If you are a sign up user, you can send us suggestions about activities and points of interest to be included. You can also vote the next destination you would like to be included in Triporg.

    If you are part of an official tourism organization, we can add your city to Triporg. Do not hesitate and contact us. We will be happy to help you!

  • Can I correct any erroneous data or report it?

    Sure! As sign up user, you can report us the detected errors just clicking the Report Content button on each form. we will thank you so much!

  • There is content that does not respect the copyright. How do I report it?

    Triporg tries to respect rigorously the copyright of all content. In case you detect a bad use, please let us know by sending an email with the subject "LICENSE REPORT MISUSE" to:​

Organize a trip

  • How can I plan a trip?

    Triporg organizes a customized itinerary according to your preferences, opening times, distances... You only have to select trip dates and a destination.

  • Do I have to put the dates?

    Yes. Triporg has to know the specific period of time you are going to be in your destination to calculate your itinerary and make most of your time. Not all places open 7x24x365.

  • Can I organize a trip with more people?

    Yes. Triporg organizes different types of trips and activities. The result may vary if you travel with children, your couple, friends or alone.

  • Can I use Triporg for business trips?

    Sure! Triporg is specially useful for people who do not have time to organize a trip!


  • Can I access Triporg from my mobile phone?

    Currently Triporg is available for Android 2.2 (or greater) devices (version greater than 2.2) and iOS 5.0 (or greater) devices.
    Mobile devices that do not meet those specifications can still use Triporg web

  • Can I use Triporg offline?

    Triporg for Android and Triporg for iOS can display your itineraries offline if you have previously created or downloaded it on your mobile device.

  • Can I use Triporg despite not having one of those devices?

    Yes. You can download your itinerary on PDF to use it in any other mobile device or print it on paper.

  • What can I do with Triporg on my phone?

    Triporg for Android and Triporg for iOS help you organizing your trip itineraries, making changes to them, updating your User Profile and Interests. It will be your best trip mate!