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Plan your visit to a city tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Design and build your trip according to your tastes

Triporg helps you plan your trip, in a few seconds, considering your interests, selecting the activities that best suit your tastes.

If you like having everything organized Triporg helps you optimize the order of visits and adjust schedules to maximize the number of things to see. Choose the things to do or let Triporg optimize your route considering opening and closing hours, distances and time needed to enjoy each activity.

If you enjoy wandering the cities let yourself be surprised. Include activities such as walks in the areas of your interest and let Triporg support you in the adventure of discovering nooks and picturesque facades. Know everything that will be of your interest.

Triporg displays information about the activities and tourist resources in the map with the time required to move between them. Use Triporg to know what to do in the city you choose anytime. Triporg learns. Adjust the interests in your profile and rate activities, next time Triporg recommendations will be even better.

If during your trip something comes up, you will have a new proposal just in a few seconds.

Mobile Applications: For smartphone and tablet

Test Triporg on your Smartphone or Tablet. It is the best way to get around the city!

The Personal Travel Assistant that suggests what to see and what to do in the cities. Always available, always updated and in the palm of your hand.

Travel light! Triporg is portable and easy to handle. Use it anywhere even offline. Organize your trip quickly and you'll always know what to see and what to do in your destination.

Discover the apps and their offline mode to optimize data usage and save battery!




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